Featured Call of the Month
Wes Townzen
Grafton, IL

Wes is a multi-1st Place and Blue Ribbon winner, and certainly one of the best checkerers in the country. This call is one of his favorite woods - good old American Walnut.  To see what Wes has "laying around the workshop," or to have him craft something special, shoot him an email at wu9v@frontiernet.net
Reelfoot Lake 2014 Gathering
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President's Note
    Summer is a special time when life tends to slow down a bit.  Our interests often tend to turn toward other warm weather activities.  The callmaking and  collecting world seems to experience it as well to a degree.  But we have much to look forward to, and it will all be here before we know it!  The Reelfoot Lake Festival is right around the corner.  From everyone I've talked with, this year's event will only get bigger and better.  If you plan to go, consider booking your room soon.  And don't forget to let us know about events and festivals in your area. We will post them to our website's calendar.  Keep checking it regularly.  
    We're not slowing down at CCAA despite the warm weather.  We continue to press on with our projects to bring you a valued product for your membership dollars.  We continue to download all the past newsletters to our website so you can eventually go back and walk through our folk art history. And our newsletter will be coming to you in full color very soon! 
    We have updated our billing system so all new members will be on an anniversary date cycle moving forward. 
    I hope you've noticed (and like) the "fresh face" we've put on this website. 
   Our member numbers are up nearly 30% in the last year! We are over 300 members strong, and there's no reason we can't push 400 and beyond in the next year. We will soon be announcing a new member drive with a chance to win a hand carved call from a highly talented callmaker…stay tuned! 
    There's still so much to do and we have a sense of urgency to getting it accomplished.  We'll keep you posted all along the way.  Thank you for your confidence to lead this wonderful organization, and helping us make it THE premier place to go for callmakers and collectors in America.  Stay cool!
Rick Milligan, President

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