Featured Call of the Month
Brian Byers
Decatur, IL

In honor of Brian's generous offer to hand carve and donate the new member contest calls, and to highlight his incredible craftsmanship, he gets the Featured Call Of The Month. This is the level of callmaker you will get if you are the successful winner of one of the raffles! For details, please see the President's Note below.
Reelfoot Lake 2014 Gathering
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President's Note
We are hosting a membership drive through October 15th. As an incentive, we will be raffling off 2 beautiful hand-carved calls from Brian Byers. These are made from African Blackwood with a carved duck on the barrel. As many of you know, Brian is a very talented, multi-blue ribbon and Best of Show winner. He makes only a limited number of calls a year, and typically just for the top decorative contests. To win one of these would be a real treat. There will be two ways to win…

1. New Members: Click on “Join CCAA” above on this site. As soon as you complete the required information, you are automatically entered in the raffle.  One of the hand carved calls from Brian Byers will be for new members only, and one for existing members.
2. Existing Members: When you sign up a new member, you will be entered in the raffle. There is no limit to the number of new members you can sign up. Each time you sign up a new member, you receive another entry/chance to win. The more members you sign up, the more chances you have to win! Please be sure the new member references your name on the sign up form.

The winner of each raffle will be announced by email, and on the CCAA website, as well as the THO Forum site. I can assure you, the $30 membership fee will seem very inexpensive if you are the lucky winner. Membership is our primary revenue generator. You will not only be doing this organization a great service by signing up a new member, but, best of all, you will have introduced another grateful person to this wonderful craft we call callmaking and collecting. Thank you for your participation!

All the best,
Rick Milligan

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