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Jack Wilson (1936-2019)
Flushing, Michigan
President's Note

The Reelfoot Lake show is our next event. The show takes place on October 11th and 12th at the Eagles Nest Resort in Samburg, Tennessee. There will be a working call contest with several different divisions. Many custom call makers attend and there is ample opportunity to buy or trade for some spectacular calls. As always, there will also be collectors of vintage calls in attendance and it is certain that some noteworthy and historical calls will change hands. 

Please contact either myself, Brian Byers or James Bennett if you are interested in setting up at the show. 

Our fall membership drive has also begun again. The rules are simple: join as a new member or sign up a new member between now and the first of December and have your name entered into a drawing for one of two custom calls. Jeremiah Cluesman and Matt Pierce have graciously agreed to donate calls for the drawing. The call donated by Matt is pictured as the call of the month and it is a real beauty. Many thanks to both Matt and Jeremiah!

We have a new publisher for our newsletter and, as always, are looking for interesting content for it. If you have a submission, or even an idea for an article, please contact me at lewishogs@yahoo.com. We can assist you in creating an article and sharing your knowledge with the membership. 

Mike Lewis

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