Featured Call of the Month


Frank Heidelbauer

Sioux Falls South Dakota
Frank Started making calls in the 40's and began selling them in 1952. The calls were named " The Mallard Toller" and were made primarily of Birdseye Maple and PVC.

President's Note

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday.
The membership drive is over and the results are as follows. First I would like to give a big thanks to Ron Davis and Earnie Ross for their generous donation of the calls used for the drive. We were very luck to get calls from these master craftsmen. Its members like you two who make the organization a success. 
We had 12 new members sign up and the winner of the Ron Davis call was Andrew Sedivy. Congratulations Andrew and welcome to the CCAA.
We had four members sign up new members and the winner from that raffle was Brian Byers. Brian won the Earnie Ross gosse call. Congratulation Brian. Your continued support does not go unnoticed.
We are planning to move forward with the Fancy Call contest this April but please be aware that this could change at a moments notice.We are in contact with the North American Decoy Collectors Assn. and are beginning to map out a plan, but we cannot account for what the city or state  may decide to do. Lets keep our fingers crossed! More to come in the future.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these crazy times.
Lets all have a healthy and Happy New Year!
Best Regards,
Troy Taylor


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