Featured Call of the Month


Tommy Toon (1947-2015)

South Fulton, TN

Tommy produced approximately 100 duck and goose calls a year mostly out of Cocobola and occasionally African Blackwood and Osage.  

President's Note

I would first like to give a big thanks to Mike Lewis for his leadership for the past two years.  What Mike had to deal with may go down as the most trying times the CCAA had to confront. His knowledge and leadership will be missed.

As your new president, I look forward to serving the next two years and giving back what I was given so many years ago - a love for calls and collecting them.  I remember many years ago getting my newsletter and admiring all the callmakers and their ability to create functioning works of art. Not much has changed as I still get my newsletter and still admire the craftsmanship from vintage and contemporary callmakers alike. 

Hopefully the coming year will see better times and we will be able to resume the traditions and gatherings from which this club was built on.

Please have a safe year for you and family.

We are always looking for interesting content for our newsletter. If you have a submission, or even an idea for an article, please contact me at troy.taylor@cbre.com   We can assist you in creating an article and sharing your knowledge with the membership. 
Best Regards,
Troy Taylor

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