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E.A. Faifer(1878 - Unknown)
Clarendon, Arkansas and Abbeville, Louisiana
President's Note

The Southern Illinois Sportsman Show is scheduled for July 26-27th in DuQuoin, Illinois. This is a fairly new show and it is coming along nicely. Thanks to member Jason Furlow for his hard work in making this show a success. Please check out our Upcoming Events for more details.

Photos from the St. Charles Fancy Call Contest are found above under the tab: Recent Contest Photos and Winners. Please take a moment to appreciate these beautiful calls.

We have a new publisher for our newsletter and, as always, are looking for interesting content for it. If you have a submission, or even an idea for an article, please contact me at lewishogs@yahoo.com. We can assist you in creating an article and sharing your knowledge with the membership. 
Mike Lewis

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