Featured Call of the Month

Jeremiah Cluesman (L)                 
Bybee, TN

Waylon Thomson (R)
Hagarville, AR
President's Note

     The CCAA Reelfoot Lake event was a resounding success! The call contest proved a huge draw and went off without a hitch. Thanks to Alan Whitson, the contest coordinator, for his hard work. Congratulations to Brad Samples, best of show winner and first place in the acrylic division. Congratulations also to the other category winners: Brian Byers (metal reed); Bear Lyle (wood); Stephen Handy (open) and Shawn Lynn (amateur).
      Thanks again to Brad Samples, Jeremiah Cluesman and Waylon Thomson for their call making demonstrations. These events were highly anticipated and did not disappoint!
      We are again giving away a call to one new member and one referring member during the final months of 2018. Jeremiah Cluesman and Waylon Thomson have graciously agreed to donate the calls pictured above for the giveaway. The winners will be chosen at random during early-December so now is a great time to join as a new member or for you existing members to spread the word about the CCAA!
      If you would like to submit an article or pictures to be in the fall newsletter, please fill out the following form and it will be received by our Editor, Eric Nelson. submit article link.
     Mike Lewis

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