Featured Call of the Month

Jeremiah Cluesman
Bybee, Tennessee
President's Note

The World's Championship Duck Calling Contest takes place in Stuttgart, Arkansas the weekend of November 29th. The CCAA will have a booth in the call maker tent on Main Street. Please stop by and say hello and check out a neat display of vintage Arkansas duck calls. 

We are in the midst of our fall membership drive and will award custom calls to both a new member and a referring member in early December. The rules are simple: join as a new member or sign up a new member between now and the first of December and have your name entered into a drawing for one of two custom calls. Jeremiah Cluesman and Matt Pierce have graciously agreed to donate calls for the drawing. The call donated by Jeremiah is pictured as the call of the month and, like all of Jeremiah's work, it is extremely creative and a real beauty. Many thanks to both Jeremiah and Matt!

We are always looking for interesting content for our newsletter. If you have a submission, or even an idea for an article, please contact me at lewishogs@yahoo.com. We can assist you in creating an article and sharing your knowledge with the membership. 

Mike Lewis

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