Featured Call of the Month


Frank Heidelbauer

Sioux Falls South Dakota
Frank Started making calls in the 40's and began selling them in 1952. The calls were named " The Mallard Toller" and were made primarily of Birdseye Maple and PVC.

President's Note

I hope everyone has had a good winter so far. Here in the Pacific NW it has been a particularly warm winter.
Spring is already showing up here with Daffodils bluming already. A nice change for sure.

We finally have some good news to share in regards to our annual fancy call contest and board meeting. The Midwest Decoys Collectors Show which typically is in April will be postponed until September 16th, 17th, and 18th. The CCAA will also postpone our annual board meeting and fancy call contest until September 16th, 17th, and 18th. to coincide with the Decoy Collectors show. After a long discussion with the Decoy Collectors it was determined that September would be a sufficient amount of time with the inoculations taking place that we would be turning the corner on this. Of course this will change should some unforeseen change in government policy take place dictating another shut down or something similar.
Lets all keep our fingers crossed!

There will be more information to come as I receive it. Thank you all for your patience through these strange times.
Best Regards,
Troy Taylor

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