Featured Call of the Month

Rob Baker
Bishopville, MD

Rob has been really taking laminated brickwork patterns to the next level.  The materials Rob uses in his laminations includes acrylic, wood and metal inlays, which turn out amazing and makes a beautiful looking call.  This months call of the month is Rob's laminated entry for the 2017 CCAA Fancy Call Contest, where he won 1st Place in the Amateur Laminated Division.  Rob continues to push the limits and creativity in his laminated segments, with each call that he makes. Job well done Rob and congratulations on being the January call of the month! 

President's Note

   We are right in the middle of fall hunting seasons. I hope everyone is enjoying their hunts and the time afield.  Good luck to everyone out there!  
   The 2017 CCAA Reelfoot Working Call Contest was held October 7th.  Alan Whitson's acrylic call took top honors as the Best of Show.  Top results were:  Metal Reed division: 1st- Bear Lyle, 2nd- Ryan Roosa.  Wood division: 1st- Ron Gould, 2nd- Jon Riggle.  Acrylic division: 1st- Alan Whitson, 2nd- Travis Bone.  Open division: 1st- Rob Zuttermeister, 2nd- Alan Whitson.  Full contest results and pictures will be in the next newsletter.
   If you haven't heard, CCAA member Gary Chambers discovered the location of the grave site of Charles Grubbs (1848-1933).  The site is an unmarked grave, so Gary lead up and effort to procure a memorial to mark the resting place of this pioneer in the duck call world.  Gary did a wonderful job with the project, and a picture of the memorial marker will be in the next newsletter.
   The 2018 NWTF contest is right around the corner.  Entry forms are due by January 16th, 2018.  There is always some great talent on display at this contest.  And I hope to see you there

It's time to start working on articles for the December edition of the newsletter.  If you would like to submit an article or some pictures to be in this newsletter, fill out the following form and it will be received by our Editor Eric Nelson. submit article link


Brian Byers


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