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Matt Pierce was raised in the San Jauquin valley central California.  An area that is well known for its rich waterfowl hunting.  In fact, it is #2 nationwide for ducks killed per hunter annually.  At 13 years aged Matt began waterfowl hunting.  By age 16 he had become very well versed with the duck call language. By age 18 he was considered by many to be a true one of a kind caller.  Having parents that would supply him with duck calls every occasion from birthdays to valentines day, Matt had seen and blown just about every call on the market.   " I became really good at tuning calls of all styles and my friends would actually bring them to me to tune".   At age 19 he came across a call from late callmaker Paul Kingyon.  " I didnt like it at first, it was really different.  Until I started to hunt wide open rice fields in the yolo bypass in california".   
              After a few years Matt desired to start making calls himself.  Paul Kingyon was getting up there in age and his calls weren't what they were in years past.  He began accumulating all the necassary equipment and eventually began playing around with it.  " At first they werent very good, but they got better"  .   A friend suggested he should try and sell a few and thats when things got serious.  A  callmaker by the name of Gary Rieker in Princeton Illinois came across Matts calls in 2009.  He sent Matt a few materials to aid him in his callmaking and his calls started to get alot better.   Matt then contacted Paul Kingyon and began to form an over the phone relationship with him, being guided little by little day by day.  In the time just before Pauls passing on, he had supplied Matt with the knowledge and material necassary to carry on the tradtion.
              Since then Matt has self designed a few calls to compliment the mallard calls.  A whitefront goose call and adjustable whistle.  The rest is history in the making.         
President's Note

CCAA Members,
   The CCAA fancy call contest is underway, April 24th-29th starting with room to room trading the 24th through the 28th . On Thursday the 27th we will be having our annual pizza party and call auction. There is just over 30 calls with some very unique items in the auction. It's turning out tjj on be a great show. Friday th the 28th we will be holding our CCAA club business meeting and call contest. After that the contest calls and the decoy show will move from room to room trading to the banquet room for the public to enjoy. There will be a lot of decoys and information on waterfowl history over the week along with the guyett deeter auction. Hope to see everyone there.
   CCAA president,
   Ryan Roosa

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