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Town Line custom calls- Pattinson hand turned has been a hobby /small shop in Erie Pennsylvania since 2018. I started messing around on an early 1900's "the porter" wood lathe that my dad had in his shop sometime around November or December of 2016. While that particular machine was okay for making table lamps, spindles, and furniture it was not up to par for the precision that i neede. I then purchased a harbor freight 10x18 lathe and tooling such as a 4 jaw chuck, manderals, and a collet chuck. Then in 2017 a bandsaw so i could make my own little shop at my house and it all went up from there.when i started making calls i worked on adding to the fire wood pile while looking for my own unique shape and sound. By late 2017 i had a sound i was happy with and sent that call off to the Reelfoot lake working class call competition and got verification that i was on the right track as sound goes so i sent my tone board off to have a custom jig made .after working with that jig i decided i could call it a hobbie shop and set that as my established date .I was only making calls with basic inlays and caps at that time. Then the covid pandemic hit and brought out a lot of extraordinary work across the call making community and at that time i too had found myself making fancier calls to include laminations and basic basket weave feather combo carvings.i now have several custom jigs for ducks, geese, deer specks and elk.  
President's Note

CCAA Members,
   The CCAA fancy call contest is underway, April 24th-29th starting with room to room trading the 24th through the 28th . On Thursday the 27th we will be having our annual pizza party and call auction. There is just over 30 calls with some very unique items in the auction. It's turning out tjj on be a great show. Friday th the 28th we will be holding our CCAA club business meeting and call contest. After that the contest calls and the decoy show will move from room to room trading to the banquet room for the public to enjoy. There will be a lot of decoys and information on waterfowl history over the week along with the guyett deeter auction. Hope to see everyone there.
   CCAA president,
   Ryan Roosa

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