2014 Contest Results

Fancy Call Contest 2014

The 2014 Fancy Call Contest was held at The Pheasant Run Resort, in St.Charles Illinois (Chicago suburb).  The contest featured 45 calls from 23 callmakers.  Many thanks to those that volunteered their time to help with the judging and scorekeeping.

The 2014 Best of Show was an open division entry from the Amateur Class by callmaker Ron Gould.

2014 Scoring summary


Special Awards
Best of ShowRon Gould
Presidents AwardRon Gould
Best of Class - ProfessionalBrad Samples
Design Award - ProfessionalDennis Bumpus
Merit Award - ProfessionalBrad Elliott
Master Class
1st placeBrian ByersScore=144
2nd placeBrian MeyerScore=139
Professional Carved / Natural Division
1st place
Best of Class
Brad SamplesScore=142
2nd placeBob WisemanScore=136
 Ron DowdaScore=130
 Brian MeyerScore=129
 Ken HubbardScore=118
 Wes TownzenScore=117
Professional Checkered Division
1st placeBrad WilstedScore=133
2nd placeWes TownzenScore=129
 Brian ByersScore=121
 Joe ReinschScore=117
Professional Laminated Division
1st placeDoug NelsonScore=122
2nd placeDoug NelsonScore=118
Professional Miniature Division
1st placeBrian MeyerScore=132
2nd placeBrian ByersScore=125
Professional Open Division
1st placeBrad WilstedScore=132
2nd placeBrian MeyerScore=131
 Ron DowdaScore=128
Design AwardDennis BumpusScore=125 (26,26)
 Doyle BignarScore=125 (26,25)
 Dennis BumpusScore=124 (26,26)
 Dennis BumpusScore=124 (26,25)
Merit AwardBrad ElliottScore=124 (25)
 Dennis BumpusScore=107 
Professional Matched Set Division
1st Place Brad WilstedScore=132


Special Awards
Best of Class - AmateurRon Gould
Merit Award - AmateurRay Finchum

Amateur Carved / Natural Division
1st place
Best of Class
Best of Show
Ron GouldScore=147
2nd placeReid ThreadgillScore=121
Merit AwardRay FinchumScore=119
 Ray FinchumScore-110
Amateur Checkered Division
1st placeJason RodeScore=135
2nd placeJason RodeScore=121
 Danny BignarScore=103
 Jim PickleScore=115
 Mic MiddletonScore=105
Amateur Laminated Division
1st placeRon DavisScore=114
2nd placeLeo OthmerScore=112
Amateur Miniature Division
1st placeRon GouldScore=128
2nd placeBrad NucklesScore=102
 Jim PickleScore=101
Amateur Open Division
1st placeRon GouldScore=133
2nd placeBernie ForteScore=121
 Brad NucklesScore=111
 Jim PickleScore=96
Amateur Matched Set Division
1st PlaceBernie ForteScore=120
2nd PlaceRon DavisScore=118
 Leo OthmerScore=112
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