2023 Contest Results

Fancy Call Contest 2023

The 2023 event featured 36 calls from 18 callmakers. There wasn't a large quantity of calls for the contest this year, but the quality of calls was a good as ever. Many thanks to those that volunteered their time to help with the judging and scorekeeping.

Looking ahead to 2024, Brian Byers will be running the contest, but he will be retiring from running contests after being the contest coordinator since 2013.  If there are any volunteers that would like to be the Fancy Call Contest coordinator, please contact Brian Byers or President Ryan Roosa.

The 2023 Best of Show was a carved call from the Professional Class by callmaker Brian Meyer.

2023 Scoring summary


Special Awards
Best of ShowBrian Meyer
Presidents AwardColeton Rochelle
Best of Class - ProfessionalBrian Meyer
Design Award - ProfessionalBen Tyler III
Merit Award - ProfessionalBen Tyler III
Master Class
1st placeBrian MeyerScore=130
2nd placeRon GouldScore=127.5
Professional Carved / Natural Division
1st place
Best of Class
Best of Show
Brian MeyerScore=137.5
2nd placeJeremiah CluesmanScore=134
Professional Checkered Division
1st placeRyan RoosaScore=126
2nd placeJeremiah CluesmanScore=121.5
Professional Laminated Division
1st placeRon DavisScore=122.5
2nd placeMarvin HartScore=112.5
 Marvin HartScore=112
 Marvin HartScore=104.5
Professional Miniature Division
1st placeLeo OthmerScore=122.5
Professional Open Division
1st placeBrian MeyerScore=130
2nd placeRick KagererScore=129.5
Design AwardBen Tyler IIIScore=122.5
Merit AwardBen Tyler IIIScore=118.5
 Ryan RoosaScore=115.5
 Rick KagererScore=114.5
 Ben TylerScore=113.5
 Todd KuxhausenScore=106.5
Professional Matched Set Division
1st Place Rick KagererScore=133.5
2nd PlaceLeo OthmerScore=110.5
 Marvin HartScore=97.5


Special Awards
Best of Class - AmateurScott Wiederholt
Design Award - AmateurJames Yelverton
Merit Award - AmateurColeton Rochelle

Amateur Carved / Natural Division
1st place
Presidents Award
Coleton RochelleScore=127
2nd placeRyan DoeringScore=125
 Todd KuxhausenScore=106
Amateur Checkered Division
1st placeRyan DoeringScore=110
2nd placeCody LawScore=109
Amateur Laminated Division
1st placeScott JonesScore=132
2nd placeTodd KuxhausenScore=117
 Leo OthmerScore=108
 Kyle KumpfScore=93
Amateur Miniature Division
1st placeTodd KuxhausenScore=116
Amateur Open Division
1st place
Best of Class
Scott WiederholtScore=145
2nd placeEmily BucherScore=135
Merit AwardColeton RochelleScore=124
Design AwardJames YelvertonScore=109
Amateur Matched Set Division
no entries  
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