NWTF 2009 Open

NWTF 2009 Duck & Goose Call Competition - Division III
Category #10 - Open Call

Category for calls that are carved, painted, inlaid, banded, scrimshawed, machine checkered, machine cut, indexed geometric design, wood burned and any call entered whose major influence will not place it into any of the above divisions as well as call entries that the rule committee determines should be placed into this division. Entries may include a duck call or a goose call.


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310701th.jpg 310411dc.jpg 3102011bw.jpg 310801bh.jpg

Todd Hanson
1st Place
Call# 3-10-70-1

Dave Constantine
2nd place
Call# 3-10-41-1

Bob Wiseman
3rd place
Call# 3-10-201-1

Bob Hayes
4th place
Call# 3-10-80-1

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