Vintage Calls

Vintage Calls
Information and Photographs

Welcome to the Vintage Calls Page. This page will feature information from our members about vintage call collecting and some general information about vintage calls.

There is also a Vintage Calls Photo Gallery. Each gallery is presented by a different CCAA member/call collector and will feature photographs, a description of the call and information about the call maker.


Vintage Call Information

Share your information and photographs.

All CCAA members/collectors are urged to support this page by contributing information about old calls and photographs of old calls for the photo gallery. All old game calls are welcome, duck, goose, turkey, crow and predator.

Photographs should have a white or light colored background. You can crop the photo to a reasonable size but do not change the resolution or size. I will make the final crop and size the file.

Text files can be typed or pasted in an email.



It has been brought to the board of director's attention that there may be some very good forgeries of BECKHART duck calls entering the market. These copies are very good replicas of the original style BECKHART calls, both checkered and plain barreled versions. The forger has even gone to the extra effort of stamping the barrels with a makers stamp, to more replicate the originals. Again, these calls are being currently produced and are very, very realistic examples, even to the extent of being aged to look old. Fortunately there are telltale signs and subtle differences that can help collectors tell the originals from current forgeries. To date we have examined 10 calls that have been sold to unsuspecting buyers. All of these examples were double stamped with the makers mark. This is not to say that all double stamped BECKHART calls are not correct as rarely some originals were. This is just a good place to start becoming very suspicious of what you are buying. In a comparison of several well-known older original BECKHART calls the maker's stamp on those versus the newly stamped calls is slight but noticeable. On the forged calls the stamp will still read J.T. BECKHART, but the period after the initial J will be touching the J and not evenly spaced between the two initials. Other subtle differences to watch for are the overall condition of the call. Original BECKHART calls are nearly 100 years old and will look like they saw some use. Be cautious of calls that look brand new and smell of linseed oil. If in doubt, seek the advice of a more experienced collector to get his opinion.

As has always been the case, the CCAA and the board will not and does not condone nor tolerate the plagiarism of another makers work. For the benefit of our membership if and when we ever discover one of our members conducting such activities we shall do our best to remedy the situation. Remember that as the price of vintage calls continues to rise and they become worth tens of thousands of dollars, some folks will become dishonest. Please be careful and always keep in mind that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


The Vintage Call Photo Gallery

Vintage Calls Photo Gallery 1
(Bob Christensen)
Vintage Calls Photo Gallery 2
(Len Guldman)
Vintage Calls Photo Gallery 3
(Donna & Joe Tonelli)
Vintage Calls Photo Gallery 4
(Mic Middleton)

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